Aug 2, 2013

Friday's Letters.

Dear internet, are you supposed to capitalize the "i" in internet still? Or is it like "www" and we can just ignore that now? Or the "-" in email? Wait, this isn't where I wanted to go with this. Let's start over. Dear internet, I like you. I especially like the fact that you allowed me to stream six straight hours of TV yesterday. Which brings me to... Dear ABC, thank you for airing a little show called, Revenge. Am I obsessed, or what? Actually, my obsession with Revenge is leading to some really intense dreams. And, daydreams. Plus, whenever I'm Google searching, it somehow becomes this really intense search, like I'm searching for information to use in my plot of revenge. I've also found myself saying the words, sabotage and revengenda a lot in daily conversations. Dear blog, I'm glad you are back in my life.

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  1. Dear Kayla, I'm glad you {and your blog} are back in my life!