Jul 29, 2013

Monthly Favorites: July

Favorite TV Show

Revenge. I watched the first season on Netflix in one weekend. Honestly, I don't really know why I started watching it. It's not something that I thought I would be into. But, once you get invested in the characters and the plot, it's hard to stop watching it. I put off going to bed on Sunday night so I could watch the first season finale. I paid for it on Monday morning though, when I was late to work with half frizzy hair and barely any makeup on. I found out that the entire second season is on Hulu, so that's what I'll be doing this week.

Favorite Song

Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun. Yep, that's a random one. This has been on repeat lately. Zach really hates it. But he likes it better than the Michelle Branch that I like to jam out to in the car. So, we compromise. Oh, and, I think I picked this duo out just by their album cover. They are some pretty epic lookin' dudes. Plus, they're from Australia.

Favorite Movie

The Lone Ranger. This is the only movie I remember seeing in the theatre this month. I liked it. I don't have really anything bad to say about it.

Favorite Food

Kind Bars. Specifically the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew flavor. These are great when I'm craving, like, a giant hot fudge sundae. I mean, they aren't the same as a hot fudge sundae. But, they are pretty dang good. And, way better for you than a hot fudge sundae.

Favorite Fashion Item

Graphic Tees. It's been way too hot here to even put on clothes. But, since I like to go out in public, I have to wear clothes sometimes. And, I'm loving this graphic tee / tank trend. They are so easy to throw on over the weekend with a pair of jeans or shorts. Comfy, cute, and cool (temperature-wise).

Favorite Beauty Item

Clarisonic Mia. I recently purchased one of these with some birthday money I had. I've wanted one for so long but, they are pretty expensive for something that you could just use your hands for. And let me tell you, this was well worth the money. My skin has never felt better. It actually feels like I'm getting it clean at the end of the day. Which is very important for my oily, still-thinks-it's-in-highschool skin. 


  1. I LOVE Revenge. I watched the first season in a weekend in order to prep for the second...haha.
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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE REVENGE!!!!!! I cannot wait for season 3!!!

  3. Empire of the Sun!!! I love that song as well! Good choice for repeat :-)


  4. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

  5. if you want other great movies to watch, see Pacific Rim (totally awesome action sequences) and The Wolverine (hot Hugh Jackman all buff and angry).

    I loved revenge season 1 but then lost interest in season 2 :(

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda