Nov 1, 2014

Same name. Same girl. Different place.

I moved my blog to Wordpress. Visit me over here: Go, now!

PS: I completely forgot I still had this Blogger version up.

Sep 1, 2013

Pieces of home.

So, it's been awhile. 

+ Trying to get back in shape! Joined the Tone It Up team, on Day 5 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, and loving the new Blogilates app. 

+ Enjoying the last days of summer.

+ Wishing, longing for fall. Sweaters. Pumpkin-anything. Cooler weather. It's been mid-90s with 110% humidity (exaggerating, only a little bit). Basically, you walk outside and you are soaked in your own sweat. I'm questioning why I even do my hair and makeup every morning... let alone put on clothes.

+ Catching up on reading.

+ Seeing amazing movies. Just saw The Spectacular Now this afternoon. Has anyone else seen it? I thought it was beautiful. Shailene. Is. Perfect.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!

Aug 14, 2013

Soundtrack: No. 1

Any Brand New fans in the house? I've been listening to a lot of acoustic covers on Spotify lately, so I thought I would share my acoustic playlist with y'all. Do you know of any amazing acoustic versions I should add to it?

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Aug 12, 2013

Inside Spaces: No. 1

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon searching through Pins trying to gather inspiration and ideas for re-decorating our master bedroom. The bedroom currently has one lime green accent wall while the other three walls are a light gray. I love the color of the walls, just not too much what's going on in the room. We sort of have a black, white, and green theme... but I'd like to really add some contrast. I'm loving the harsh black and white patterns against the green accent color. Now, to find some black and white striped pillow cases...

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Aug 9, 2013

Friday's Letters.

Before you start reading these Friday letters, you should know that I saw Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Casey James in concert on Tuesday and I haven't been able to think about anything else since then. #bestnightever

Dear T. Swift, you put on a freaking fantastic concert. I was literally more excited than some of the twelve year old girls wearing red tutus, red lipstick, and t-shirts with ironed-on lyrics. Dear Ed Sheeran, you are a musical genius. How the heck do you stand on a stage without a band and create that sound by yourself? How? Magic? Pure genius. Dear Casey James, you were a surprise, to say the least. I actually had no idea you were opening before Ed Sheeran, but I didn't hate it. All I want to know, is how you kept your hair looking flawless in this Kansas humidity. Because my hair looked like a giant frizzy disaster. Half curly, half straight. It didn't know who it wanted to be. Tell me your secrets.

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