Jul 27, 2013


What have I been up to lately?

+ I shut down this blog, started a new blog, shut down the new blog, started this blog again. Indecisive, much?

+ Opened a new design shop, named after my wiener dog.

+ Ate some fruit.

+ Went to Kansas City for a Royals game. Also made Zach take a picture with a giant polar bear at the zoo. Memories.

+ Went to Las Vegas! It was super hot, we drank a lot of Gatorade, I had four of the best hair days of my entire life. No humidity, baby.

+ I made Pixie my model so I could practice using my new camera.

Some other stuff happened too, but it was obviously too boring to make the list.

+ Update (late Sunday night) Just finished marathoning (I mean, let's face it, since Netflix has become a staple in my life, this has become a verb I use in regular conversation) the show Revenge. Does anyone else watch this? I mean. Words. There are none. I need the second season, and stat. However, I could do without the horrible title sequence... who is their graphic designer? One of the actors? 


  1. When were you in Vegas?! I was there a 2 weekends ago! :)