Aug 12, 2013

Inside Spaces: No. 1

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon searching through Pins trying to gather inspiration and ideas for re-decorating our master bedroom. The bedroom currently has one lime green accent wall while the other three walls are a light gray. I love the color of the walls, just not too much what's going on in the room. We sort of have a black, white, and green theme... but I'd like to really add some contrast. I'm loving the harsh black and white patterns against the green accent color. Now, to find some black and white striped pillow cases...

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  1. I love the colors. I never imagined them going together but they look beautiful.

  2. I love the color on the wall of that 2nd picture in the right column. Actually, I just love all of that styling! Very fresh and clean.

  3. That's a nice green. Its not harsh and I love pops of color with black and white!